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Tour: Teaching
May 16 Sunday
California Jazz Conservatory - ONLINE, via Zoom

Clinic (Online) – open to all

“Expanding Your Rhythmic Freedom”

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11am-2pm Pacific Time (2-5pm Eastern)
Do you feel trapped by your own rhythmic habits when you improvise? Your rhythmic ideas fit too neatly into the measures like nicely stacked boxes? Often we may know that our playing could be freer and more exciting, but we just can’t seem to find a path to get there. Perhaps we’ve tried to introduce polyrhythms but find that things fall apart when we do. In this workshop we’ll learn to deepen our own sense of rhythm while we explore polyrhythmic elements, and discover how to assimilate them in an incremental process, whereby we can circumvent the “brain meltdown” that can come from attempting a new polyrhythm all at once. The result is a rhythmic concept that is both freer and more solid.
Have your instrument (optional).

Jun 6 Sunday
California Jazz Conservatory - ONLINE, via Zoom

Clinic (Online) – open to all

“The Jazz Blues: Digging Deep”

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11am-2pm Pacific Time (2-5pm Eastern)
The 12-bar blues is perhaps the most basic form in all of jazz, but it can serve as a vehicle for truly deep harmonic explorations. In this workshop we’ll explore some of its advanced possibilities—looking at compositions that stretch its conventions (Chi-Chi, Gingerbread Boy, Cousin Mary, Isotope…) and at devices we can use on the fly to stretch its bounds during our improvisations. The common thread will be an abstract and robust understanding of the form that lets us venture far while always preserving its essence.
Prerequisite: experience improvising over the standard jazz blues (e.g. Billie’s Bounce). Knowledge of advanced harmony is a plus. Have your instrument (suggested).

Noteworthy past venues

  • Blue Note, NYC
  • Blue Whale, Los Angeles
  • Blues Alley, Washington DC
  • Boston Symphony Hall
  • Century Park, Shanghai, China
  • Chris’ Jazz Cafe, Philadelphia
  • Dizzy’s, San Diego
  • Catalina Jazz Club, Los Angeles
  • Earshot Jazz Festival, Seattle
  • Fillmore Jazz Festival, San Francisco
  • Fifty-Five Bar, NYC
  • Frankie’s Jazz, Vancouver, Canada
  • Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
  • Hermann’s Jazz, Victoria, Canada
  • Jazz Alley, Seattle
  • Jazz at Lincoln Center, NYC
  • KCSM Jazz on the Hill, San Mateo, CA
  • The Jazz Standard, NYC
  • Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival
  • Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz
  • LACMA, Los Angeles
  • Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga, CA
  • Monterey Jazz Festival
  • Regattabar, Boston
  • Ryles Jazz Club, Boston
  • San Francisco Jazz Festival
  • Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts
  • Scullers Jazz Club, Boston
  • SFJAZZ, San Francisco
  • SLO Jazz Festival, San Luis Obispo
  • The United Nations, NYC
  • Vitello’s, Los Angeles
  • Yardbird Suite, Edmonton, Canada
  • Yoshi’s, Oakland

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