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Feb 23 Saturday
San Jose Jazz WinterFest 2019 - San Jose, CA

Kenny Washington & Anton Schwartz

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Kenny Washington (vocal) • Anton Schwartz (sax) • Randy Porter (piano) • Ron Belcher (bass) • Lorca Hart (drums)

Tour: Teaching
Mar 30 Saturday
Jazz Night School - Seattle, WA


“Beyond the Blues Scale”

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10am-3pm with a 30-minute break for lunch
Designed for players accustomed to using a single scale for each song they improvise over, this interactive workshop introduces participants to the rich experience of improvising over changing harmony. The leap from jamming over a chord or a blues scale to playing meaningfully over moving chords can be overwhelming; this workshop breaks it down through progressive exercises that allow students to hear and feel the changes of harmony, paving the way for students to play over chord changes as a natural expression of emotion rather than an intellectual exercise. Participants learn to improvise over a 12-bar blues like a jazz musician, bringing out the unique sound of each part of the blues form, rather than treating it all as an undifferentiated whole.
Prerequisites: knowledge of major and minor scales and facility on a melodic instrument.

Apr 13 Saturday
Jazz Night School - Seattle, WA


“Improvising with Pentatonics”

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A theoretical and practical look at pentatonic (five-note) scales and their role in jazz, paying particular attention to the many ways we can use them to great effect in our solos. We lay out the theory behind them from the ground up, show how they may be used in myriad harmonic contexts, and discuss exactly how it is that such a simple harmonic tool (they are the basis of some of the simplest folk melodies around the world) can be used so powerfully in modern music to create so many so many colors and degrees of tension and dissonance.
Prerequisites: A basic understanding of chords and seven-note scales is required; familiarity with advanced harmony (altered, lydian, etc.) is desirable.
Price: $50; $85 when combined with the “Improvising with Triad Pairs” workshop the same day.

Apr 13 Saturday
Jazz Night School - Seattle, WA


“Improvising with Triad Pairs”

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A particular sound can be achieved by constructing musical phrases using a six-note scale and grouping the six notes into two triads. It’s a sound most closely associated with John Coltrane, and first discussed extensively by Walt Weiskopf. In this workshop we discuss this technique of triad pairs and how it departs from the pre-1960 jazz vocabulary. We explore its harmonic foundations and it various uses, and learn tips for integrating it into our improvisations.
Prerequisites: An understanding of chords and seven-note scales is required; familiarity with advanced harmony (altered, lydian, etc.) is desirable.
Price: $50; $85 when combined with the “Improvising with Pentatonics” workshop the same day.

May 16 Thursday
SFJAZZ (Joe Henderson Lab) - San Francisco, CA

Anton Schwartz Quartet

Anton Schwartz plays Dexter Gordon’s “Go”

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Two shows: 8pm and 9:30pm.
Concert in tribute to the classic Dexter Gordon record, “Go” (Blue Note, 1962).
Anton Schwartz (sax) • Adam Shulman (piano) • John Wiitala (bass) • Lorca Hart (drums)

May 23 Thursday
Regattabar - Cambridge, MA

Anton Schwartz Quintet

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Anton Schwartz (sax) • Billy Buss (trumpet) • Matthew Fries (piano) • Greg Ryan (bass) • Julian Miltenberger (drums)

Tour: Teaching
Jul 15 Monday
Lafayette Summer Jazz Workshop - Lafayette, CA


July 15-19

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Sep 18 Wednesday
Jazz at the Center - Camano Island, WA

Anton Schwartz

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Oct 19 Saturday
Yardbird Suite - Edmonton, AL (Canada)

Anton Schwartz Sextet

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Noteworthy past venues

  • Blue Note, NYC
  • Blue Whale, Los Angeles
  • Blues Alley, Washington DC
  • Boston Symphony Hall
  • Century Park, Shanghai, China
  • Chris’ Jazz Cafe, Philadelphia
  • Dizzy’s, San Diego
  • Catalina Jazz Club, Los Angeles
  • Earshot Jazz Festival, Seattle
  • Fillmore Jazz Festival, San Francisco
  • Fifty-Five Bar, NYC
  • Frankie’s Jazz, Vancouver, Canada
  • Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
  • Hermann’s Jazz, Victoria, Canada
  • Jazz Alley, Seattle
  • Jazz at Lincoln Center, NYC
  • KCSM Jazz on the Hill, San Mateo, CA
  • The Jazz Standard, NYC
  • Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival
  • Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz
  • LACMA, Los Angeles
  • Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga, CA
  • Monterey Jazz Festival
  • Regattabar, Boston
  • Ryles Jazz Club, Boston
  • San Francisco Jazz Festival
  • Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts
  • Scullers Jazz Club, Boston
  • SFJAZZ, San Francisco
  • SLO Jazz Festival, San Luis Obispo
  • The United Nations, NYC
  • Vitello’s, Los Angeles
  • Yardbird Suite, Edmonton, Canada
  • Yoshi’s, Oakland

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