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Tour: Teaching
Oct 2 Saturday
California Jazz Conservatory - ONLINE, via Zoom

Clinic (Online) – open to all

“Advanced Pentatonics: Theory & Practice”

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11am-2pm Pacific Time (2-5pm Eastern)
When it comes to pentatonic (5-note) scales in jazz, the major and minor pentatonic scales and their common uses represent just the beginning of the powerful possibilities.
This workshop is designed for musicians looking to deepen their understanding of pentatonics, increase their harmonic vocabulary, and improve their improvisation. We’ll present over a dozen important pentatonic scales, discussing how they interrelate and fit into a common theoretical framework, much like major and melodic minor scale harmony. We’ll see quick ways to identify the qualities of the scales (brightness, darkness, focus, dissonance) and discuss lots of ways the scales can be used effectively in improvising.
Prerequisite: experience improvising over the standard jazz blues (e.g. Billie’s Bounce). Knowledge of advanced harmony is a plus.
Have your instrument (suggested).

Nov 13 Saturday
California Jazz Conservatory - ONLINE, via Zoom

Clinic (Online) – open to all

“The Art of Ending a Tune”

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11am-2pm Pacific Time (2-5pm Eastern)
The final moments of a song are crucial to the lasting impression it leaves. This workshop for both rhythm section players and soloists addresses all the practical elements of pulling it off in style. Topics include: ritards, taking harmonic cues, playing over single and multiple fermatas, arranged endings, endings on the fly, nonverbal band communication. Have your instruments (optional), as there will be ample playing and critique!
Prerequisite: Experience performing songs and improvising.

Dec 11 Saturday
California Jazz Conservatory - ONLINE, via Zoom

Clinic (Online) – open to all

“Beginning Improvisation: Blue Bossa”

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11am-1pm Pacific Time (2-4pm Eastern)
Blue Bossa is one of the most frequently called beginner-level tunes at jam sessions, so it’s important for any developing jazz musician to know. Its simplicity also makes it a great vehicle for students who are new to chord changes or having trouble playing over them with ease. The instructor will present the tune in a way that makes it easy to internalize, and give lots of practical advice about how to improvise over it. Students improvise (optional but encouraged) and are critiqued, with recommendations given for a direct path to improvement.

Noteworthy past venues

  • Blue Note, NYC
  • Blue Whale, Los Angeles
  • Blues Alley, Washington DC
  • Boston Symphony Hall
  • Century Park, Shanghai, China
  • Chris’ Jazz Cafe, Philadelphia
  • Dizzy’s, San Diego
  • Catalina Jazz Club, Los Angeles
  • Earshot Jazz Festival, Seattle
  • Fillmore Jazz Festival, San Francisco
  • Fifty-Five Bar, NYC
  • Frankie’s Jazz, Vancouver, Canada
  • Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
  • Hermann’s Jazz, Victoria, Canada
  • Jazz Alley, Seattle
  • Jazz at Lincoln Center, NYC
  • KCSM Jazz on the Hill, San Mateo, CA
  • The Jazz Standard, NYC
  • Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival
  • Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz
  • LACMA, Los Angeles
  • Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga, CA
  • Monterey Jazz Festival
  • Regattabar, Boston
  • Ryles Jazz Club, Boston
  • San Francisco Jazz Festival
  • Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts
  • Scullers Jazz Club, Boston
  • SFJAZZ, San Francisco
  • SLO Jazz Festival, San Luis Obispo
  • The United Nations, NYC
  • Vitello’s, Los Angeles
  • Yardbird Suite, Edmonton, Canada
  • Yoshi’s, Oakland

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