— 2012 — Jul 11

Loft Concerts in Oakland & Seattle

by Anton Schwartz

Seattle Loft Concert

For years I’ve put on concerts at my loft space in Oakland, California, collaborating with great Bay Area players and touring players passing through town. The concerts are intimate performances with a party vibe before & after.

Now that my wife Dawn and I have our own place in Seattle, we’ve started up concerts there as well. Our most recent one featured Randy Porter on piano and Jeff Johnson on bass—two of the northwest’s brightest stars on the international jazz scene. Jazz photographer Jim Levitt attended it and gave a nice little writeup, with photos, at SeattleJazzScene.com.

The next one is right around the corner, on July 21. I’ll be collaborating with vocalist Gail Pettis, in a quartet also featuring Jeff Johnson and Blake Angelos. Other concerts on the calendar feature clarinetist/saxophonist Ken Peplowski and vocalist Ed Reed.

Information and reservations are available at at LoftConcert.com.

To receive announcements of future concerts, join the mailing list.

  1. Sharron Coontz says:

    Hi. I live in Olympia and just learned that you have concerts in Seattle. I’m a big Peplowski fan and got excited when I saw on your post that he was coming, but then saw that that probably referred to a past concert in Oakland. If you have a mailing list, I’d love to be on it. If you need a snail mail address, it’s 3716 85th NW, Olympia, WA 98502.

    Thanks very much. Sharron

    • Will do, Sharon. Thanks for the interest. I hope to have Ken up to Seattle sometime – the Oakland show was a blast!

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