— 2012 — Nov 30

An iTunes Tip for Musicians

by Anton Schwartz

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If you’re a musician and you use iTunes on a Mac or PC, here’s a useful tip.

You probably know that when you’re listening to music, the and keys let you move between songs. Did you know that you can skip backward five seconds by hitting cmd‑opt‑←? Holding it down skips repeatedly, playing short segments as you go.
Likewise, cmd‑opt‑→ skips forward five seconds at a time.

For the Windows version, the commands are ctrl‑alt‑← and ctrl‑alt‑→.

Useful to remember when you ask yourself, “what was that that the pianist just played?” or you want to skip ahead to the shout chorus…


  1. Musician – YES
    ITunes – YES
    So this was helpful indeed…

  2. Rick Koler says:

    Very useful tip Anton, thanks.

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