— 2012 — Jan 23

Jazz Etude 1

by Anton Schwartz

I’ve written an etude for students to prepare for various masterclasses that I teach. It’s a line written over two choruses of blues, and is a good vehicle for dealing with articulations, inflections and the like. It fits nicely in the range of the saxophone, but it can be used for all instruments.

The etude is in the key of C on the saxophone, which makes it a B blues for tenor/soprano sax and an E blues for alto/bari. But of course it’d be great practice to play it in other keys as well. The tempo is medium-bright but you could take it as slowly as 120 or so if you swing it hard.

I’ve recorded myself playing it on tenor sax too, at two different tempos.

Here’s the etude (click for the pdf):

Click to Download

And the two recordings:

Full Speed
Slower Speed (120)


  1. Brian Wood says:

    Nice. Thanks for posting.

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