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— 2014 — Nov 6

Celebrating Adolphe Sax

by Anton Schwartz

A few amazing things you might not know about the man who gave us the saxophone, on his 200th birthday. [read more]

— 2013 — Jun 3

Joe Henderson at age 26

by Anton Schwartz

Fifty years ago today, a 26-year-old Joe Henderson recorded his debut album, Page One, for Blue Note Records. In addition to its stellar lineup and the fact that it debuts two songs that went on to become jazz mega-classics, Page One is notable in that it displays gorgeous facets of Joe’s playing that one doesn’t hear in his later years… [read more]

— 2012 — Jan 23

Jazz Etude 1

by Anton Schwartz

Here is an etude I wrote that I use with various masterclasses I teach. The etude fits nicely on the saxophone, and can be used for other instruments as well. It’s a line written over two choruses of blues—a good vehicle for dealing with articulations, inflections and the like. [read more]

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