— 2012 — Feb 27

Blues in Disguise?

by Anton Schwartz

My Radiant Blue CD is a collection of ten songs that, in different and sometimes unusual ways, follow the blues form. But you probably wouldn’t notice that, listening to it.

“Radiant Blue is a CD of blueses, but it is not a blues CD any more than The Who’s rock opera, Tommy, is an opera CD.”

Check out the liner notes. If you own the physical CD, they’re inside the booklet. Otherwise, you can view or download them as a pdf below.

If you don’t own the album, you can listen to two of the songs right here. “Slightly Off Course” and “Wave” are on the audio player to the left.
(Yes, that Wave. By Jobim. A blues with a bridge.)

The liner notes:
Radiant Blue Liner Notes (preview)

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