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— 2022 — Apr 7

Two Views of a Scale

by Anton Schwartz

We can think of a scale as a kit for making melodies… or as a way of defining harmony. Unfortunately, all the ways we have of depicting scales are well-suited to the former, and poorly suited to the latter. This post aims to rectify that. [read more]

— 2021 — Sep 27

Rootless Scales & Phantom Modes

by Anton Schwartz

Scales offer a palette of notes to choose from. And they always contain the root. So, what if we don’t want to play the root?! We discuss the possibilities of rootless scales… [read more]

— 2013 — Jun 3

Joe Henderson at age 26

by Anton Schwartz

Fifty years ago today, a 26-year-old Joe Henderson recorded his debut album, Page One, for Blue Note Records. In addition to its stellar lineup and the fact that it debuts two songs that went on to become jazz mega-classics, Page One is notable in that it displays gorgeous facets of Joe’s playing that one doesn’t hear in his later years… [read more]

— 2013 — Mar 18

The Girl From Ipanema (at 50)

by Anton Schwartz

In praise of the song we all love to hate. [read more]

— 2013 — Mar 11

Studio Confessions

by Anton Schwartz

Like most jazz recordings, my CDs have stayed pretty true to the live-concert experience. But here’s a couple tricks we’ve played in the studio over the years that we couldn’t have pulled off live. Audio included [read more]

— 2013 — Jan 11

A nameless ii-V cadence

by Anton Schwartz

A look at a cadence where a ii-V progression resolves not down a perfect fifth to the I chord, but up a half step. [read more]

— 2012 — Feb 27

Blues in Disguise?

by Anton Schwartz

My “Radiant Blue” CD is a collection of ten songs that, in different and sometimes unusual ways, follow the blues form. But you probably wouldn’t notice that, listening to it. “Radiant Blue is a CD of blueses, but it is not a blues CD any more than The Who’s rock opera, Tommy, is an opera CD.” [read more]

— 2012 — Jan 16

Around the circle of fifths… backwards

by Anton Schwartz

I was humming Hendrix’s Hey Joe not too long ago and it occurred to me: the harmony song’s chords are a cycle of major chords moving downward in fourths. The world is filled with songs whose chords move around the cycle in the standard direction… down fifths… but I had never noticed one that moved backwards, like Hey Joe. I wondered: are there others there? … [read more]

— 2011 — Dec 6

Pangur Bán

by Anton Schwartz

Of all my compositions, the one that draws the most comments and questions is Pangur Bán. I’ve never recorded it, but I’ve been performing it off and on for some years now. I named it after a poem written in the 9th century by an anonymous Irish Monk. As I’ve explained at gigs now and then, the name is a groaner of a pun… [read more]

— 2011 — Nov 19

First Post: Ode to a Ballad

by Anton Schwartz

For several years I’ve been sending out a mailing every few months about my teaching activities. In most I’ve included a little discussion about at topic in jazz music or jazz education. While I’ll continue to send out those mailings (go to my contact page to sign up if you like), I’ll be making those sorts of discussions a part of my website’s blog. To start things off, here’s one I wrote about a favorite ballad of mine, Moonlight in Vermont[read more]

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