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— 2013 — Jul 25

How we make money from music

by Anton Schwartz

Did you know that a recording artist gets paid when his/her performance is played on satellite radio, but not when it’s played on FM radio? Take a quiz to test your knowledge of how money flows in the music world… or just read it as a wonderful tutorial. [read more]

— 2011 — Dec 27

Free Music Business Articles from Berklee

by Anton Schwartz

The Berklee College of Music recently released the second volume of its Music Business Handbook. The new volume and the original one are available as free downloads from their site. They feature articles by their faculty on a variety of subjects related to making a career in music—legal, strategic, marketing, financial, etc. [read more]

— 2011 — Dec 8

Jazz Attitudes

by Anton Schwartz

This following is a piece that I wrote in 2008 for my high school alumni magazine. Because I came to jazz via a route other than music school, I have a different perspective on life as a jazz musician than many who did. I give some observations about making a career in jazz and about preconceptions that are common among musicians. [read more]

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